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🕷 October Is FREE on all Monthly Plans 🕸

$25.00moff Enrollment fee cost & October is FREE!!! Month by month dues start 11/1 cancel anytime with a 30 day notice OR 6 Months FREE added to any 12 Month Pre-Pay


🛑 NO Contracts 


Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice. ONLY needed for month by month plans. OR

****** 6 Months FREE ****** added to any 12 month plan purchased in October   ( original rate) $16.00 MONTHLY AVG

Pre-pay any 12 month plan and receive 6 months FREE and Enrollment fee waived if applicable. Functional training room included / classes.

$25.00 off Enrollment fee’s & October dues waived will end soon. Monthly dues start on the 1st we accept checking/savings or credit card for monthly rates.